The communications landscape today is broader and includes paid, owned, and earned media. The brand challenge is traversing the ever-changing media landscape and connecting the dot to master the conversation.

As a Chicago PR firm, we believe that brands must think and plan holistically to develop a voice and to be heard. The conversation must include media, influencers, ambassadors and employees. We work in tandem with content, paid and digital teams to develop a brand voice and strive to be heard and amplified across multiple channels.

Our public relations services include:

  • Media & Blogger Relations: As a long-standing public relations firm, we have established relationships with journalists and bloggers across national and local media outlets with a sweet spot for health, wellness, fitness, beauty and lifestyle editors.  
  • Influencer Mapping and Engagement: We have the technology and tools to help brands identify, track, activate and measure the impact influencers have on a brand.
  • Social Media Services: We combine our skills across marketing, public relations, branding, and content development to develop social media strategies often from ground up. Our PR team has both the creative skill set to generate powerful social media content and promotions and is supported with a team of experts at establishing KPIs and interpretation of the ROI of social media for a brand.  
  • Media and Presentation Skills Training: Our expert media trainers are considered among the best in the world. We have been tapped to prepare celebrities, C-Suite executives, clinical investigators presenting key data to media and specialty audiences, and key opinion leaders across a variety of sectors for high level media roles and presentations. We develop and refine messaging and prepare the messenger so that they are armed with the tools and techniques to maintain control and deliver a brand's message through any media or presentation scenario.  
  • Talent Identification, Management & Alignment: Our Chicago PR agency has years of experience tapping the right talent for brands and negotiating lucrative contracts for our clients including high profile ambassadorships, national television brand integrations, use of name and likeness across multiple channels and creation of campaigns surrounding brand activitations.
  • National and In-Market Brand Integrations: Conceptualizing, negotiating, and managing campaigns that deliver a brand's message across multiple paid channels requires an experienced team who knows how to work effectively with networks, talent, and media planners. We combine all facets of advertising, marketing, public relations, events, and e-commerce to help brands realize the ROI with the intention of driving a brand's voice and ultimately build awareness and traffic.  
  • Brand ActivationsEngagement is an important part of any event. We know how to make a brand the life of the party by bringing together the right experience, voice, and setting to creatively showcase a brand and what it brings to a person's life.


For more information about our public relations services, call us today at (312) 600-6780 or click here to request a capabilities presentation.