Ike Reilly Heard and Seen on I Am Chris Farley Documentary Premier’s Tonight on Spike TV



I Am Chris Farley, a new documentary detailing the behind-the-scenes story of comedic genius Chris Farley, features a touching musical tribute and candid interviews by artist and songwriter, Ike Reilly. The title track song, “Born on Fire,” is also on Ike’s recently released album of the same name—on Firebrand Records, a newly launched label founded by Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine and Audioslave and Ryan Harvey of the Riot-Folk Collective in collaboration with Rock Ridge Records.  


“Ike serves as Reilly Connect’s creative director on broadcast campaigns and always brings a fresh and slightly quirky perspective to our client assignments," said Susan Reilly, President. "His unparalleled skill in bringing together copy, music, and—when appropriate—laugh-out-loud humor, results in killer creative that is both memorable and motivating."


I am Chris Farley is a beautiful collection of interviews from friends and family and is an honest portrayal of his genius and his demons. Along with Ike’s music, he is interviewed as part of the documentary reflecting on his friendship and college days with Chris at Marquette University.  

You can download “Born on Fire” for free from the documentary’s website. I Am Chris Farley making its world television premiere on Spike TV, Monday, August 10, at 9pm ET/PT.