Media Training

Susan Reilly is an award-winning media training expert. In addition to leading Reilly Connect, Susan Reilly is an expert media coach. She has been retained by agencies, celebrities and global brands to help translate messages into simple consumer terms and to prepare the messenger.

Whether a brand ambassador or celebrity for a network appearance, C-suite leadership for interviews on the state of the business, or a clinical investigator involved in the implications of data findings on new drug development, Ms. Reilly has a proven track record developing strategies and skills necessary to help people maintain control of an interview while effectively delivering their message.

As a veteran media trainer, Reilly's process can easily be parlayed into improving presentation skills. It includes:   

  • Core Message Development
  • Q&A Development
  • Interactive Training Sessions
  • Real World Media Interview Examples
  • On-Camera Drills and Simulation
  • Message Testing and Refinement

Ms. Reilly has been retained by individuals and corporations worldwide. She brings years of experience providing media coaching to spokespeople in a wide range of sectors, including consumer products and services, consumer therapeutic brands, health and wellness, ethical and OTC products, nutrition, fitness, and women's health.

She has been tapped because of her unique training style and in-depth understanding of FDA regulatory guidelines to guide key thought-leaders and executives on development of messages related to pipeline compounds and products, bio-terrorism, product recalls, regulatory citations, food safety, class action suits, labor issues and adverse drug events.


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