Influencer Marketing

What is the value of an audience?

Imagine being able to reach almost 300 million people in your target audience for an average cost per thousand (CPM) of $10.

Look at an influencer like Emily Schuman of the popular blog, Cupcakes and Cashmere, and do the math: Schuman reaches 295.2 million people per year and at an average CPM of $10—that’s an ad value equivalent of $2.95 million.

The possibilities for branded content are growing. Knowing how effective social media and word-of-mouth are at turning prospects into loyal customers, brands must also look beyond publishing their own content and harness the power of influencers and their audiences to help tell their story.

As an influencer marketing agency, we help brands tap these influencers to create and distribute original, authentic content that shows how to integrate your product into the daily lives of their massive and motivated followings. And, because their success as influencers has been built upon their ability to understand the needs and desires of their audiences, they are experts at what will resonate and are some of the most trusted sources of product reviews.

Reilly Connect’s unparalleled experience and expertise at developing storylines are vital to the development of winning influencer outreach services. We call it "Storyteching" - the combination of building a story with powerful platforms to help brands identify, distribute and measure the impact of an influencer program.

We are doggedly devoted to staying ahead of emerging technologies.   We have proprietary technology to effectively target the right influencers to reach a brand's target at scale with efficiency.  All campaigns are supported with "real time" analytics to provide invaluable insight to every campaign. Our digital planalysts bring meaning to the metrics to help us continually refine campaigns so that brand can realize the optimum return on their investment.  


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