Worried About Banner Ad Blindness? Quell Your Concerns with an Influencer Marketing Strategy

By Sam Arieven

One of the biggest threats facing digital advertising today is banner blindness. In fact, two out of every three millennials are using ad blockers, according to eMarketer.  Now more than ever, fewer people are looking at banner ads, and technological advances like ad blockers are making it harder and harder to get in front of your target audience.

With these new digital challenges comes the need for solutions to bring efficiencies to your working media plans.  Influencer marketing is taking a more prominent role in smart digital strategies. According to Techo.co, a recent study shows that 65% of brands plan to increase their influencer marketing budgets this year, and it will have the biggest slice of investment. Influencer marketing allows you to use popular bloggers and social media personalities to reach your audience, with 81% of marketers who have used an influencer marketing strategy judging it to be effective, according to eMarketer

Here are a few reasons why supplementing your current campaign with an influencer marketing initiative can help your brand:

  1. Reach the right eyeballs with each post: the biggest challenge when putting together a digital media plan is finding that right balance between using broader targets to increase reach and layering in more data to get in front of your target market. With influencer marketing, someone that is reading a blog isn't there by accident; they are actively interested in what the post is about. Shifting some dollars into an influencer plan can help make sure your product is being seen by the right eyes.
  2. Create a more personalized and genuine message: Influencer marketing amps up word-of-mouth marketing. People look to content when making purchasing decisions. Learning about how a product fits into your lifestyle from someone they can relate to is considered more authentic and held  in higher esteem that the brand talk even if bloggers are compensated to share their brand experience. 92% of consumers around the world say they trust recommendations from individuals over messages from brands, according to a Nielsen study.  
  3. Efficiency and Scale: A great digital marketing plan is one that effectively uses multiple platforms to spread your brand message. Finding the right way to make sure your social media strategy matches what you are doing from an SEO perspective is tricky, and layering in banner ads only makes it more difficult and can be pricey.  Implementing an influencer marketing element can help bridge the gap between these strategies, as one influencer can have a presence across a blog, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and more. By using these personalities, you are increasing the proliferation of your message on these platforms with efficiency at scale while also increasing your organic search presence.
  4. Improve an always-on strategy: Many brands say they want to be “always-on”, but when it comes time for budgeting, there is typically not enough money available to effectively do so. A significant media budget is required for an “always on” campaign.  Unlike traditional banner media, which has a very finite lifespan, once an influencer post is up it remains online in perpetuity resulting in media budget efficiencies.
  5. Authentic content: One of the beauties of tapping people to experience your brand and share their insights on their blogs is the authenticity they bring to the brand conversation.  No two bloggers are alike.  It’s the authenticity that attracts and allures their followers to learn more about your brand from people they love, resulting in a 10% incremental sales life, according to Nielsen Catalina. At Reilly Connect, we have seen some creative execution and stories from bloggers that are highly campaignable bringing even more value and efficiencies to brand marketing efforts. 


As experts in influencer marketing, Reilly Connect collaborates with our paid, owned and earned media team to develop a sound strategy using our proprietary database to help brands identify the right influencers with efficiency and at scale.