Influencer Marketing: 5 Critical Steps to Efficient Planning

By Molly McInerney

Want to reap the benefits of a powerful influencer marketing plan but don’t know where to start? An automated influencer platform can deliver significant end-to-end efficiencies and success. Here are five key steps:

1. Find influencers who embody the target audience

This is by far the most time consuming part of the process – and the most critical. Marketers must adopt a simple method to create influencer partnerships that align with their brand. Take advantage of the proprietary platforms that exist to streamline identifying the most relevant influencers to help tell your brand story to your target audience. As influencer marketing experts, Reilly Connect uses a proprietary database to bring greater efficiencies to audience targeting at scale, compared to traditional influencer marketing options, saving both time and money for clients.

2. Make selection data-driven

Carefully consider selection criteria and access platforms that can provide these insights to create your targets. Influencer searches should be based on the intended audience, desired performance, and cost parameters. A structured search platform should include features to help you organize, invite, review and approve content, pay influencers and provide backend analytics to assess what actions were taken once their posts go “live.” You also need a dedicated team of influencer experts who are trained on the software and can coordinate and manage using the tools in the platform.

3. Build a relationship

It’s imperative to maintain ongoing communications with influencers you recruit as part of your campaign. Your influencer management team should have in-app messaging to facilitate communications and workflow efficiencies.

4. Be fiscally accountable

After your influencer content goes live, it is important to track its real-time performance. Pay close attention to overall reach, views, and engagement across multiple social media channels. Be analytical by examining engagement, total media value, return on influencer investment, channel worth, and overall success of your influencers.

5. Identify best performers  

Look for the golden nuggets of truth through a deep dive into the analytics. These insights can help you further refine targets for future campaigns. 


 As experts in influencer marketing, Reilly Connect collaborates with our paid, owned and earned media team to develop a sound strategy using our proprietary database to help brands identify the right influencers with efficiency and at scale.