Digital Campaign a Dog? Think One Liners and Tap a Real Time Shrink

By Susan Reilly

Your digital team lead walks glumly into your office and sits down on your couch to talk about his failed digital campaign. “Boss, Boss, I feel like a dog.” You retort, “Then get off the couch.”

Comedy lovers know that the late, great Henny Youngman, aka “The King of One-Liners,” had a remarkable talent for making our parents laugh with his simple yet hysterical twists on love, life, marriage, work and money. While a “one-liner” comedic management style can help ease the pain of problematic creative performance, your team is going to need a “real time” shrink to achieve campaign success.

Everyone at Reilly Connect loves a good laugh, but as an integrated marketing agency, we have seen clients serve up just plain bad ads and blow through working media dollars, which is no laughing matter. Typically, the lack of accountability we have witnessed has been the result of one or a combination of the following: brands needing to take a deeper dive into what the data is showing them, being unaware of the availability of predictive modeling, or simply having the wrong team in place.   

At Reilly Connect, we use a creative platform developed by our senior digital strategist, Sam Karow. The Adaptive Campaigns platform enables us to create predictive display ads that respond to ad engagement data in real time. This powerful data helps us refine creative, images, and headlines so we can boost overall ad performance. 

What makes this platform unique is that ads instantly update in-session in response to real time data. The platform further distinguishes itself by its ability to integrate with major ad servers. There are no templates, so adding dynamic HTML to existing creative and building custom units is easy. The platform also boasts granular analytics, as well as audience pools where you can retarget ad engagers and build segments based on ad engagement data.

Karow explains:

We are predicting 2X the engagement rate and 4X the conversion rate using this platform, which creates an instant update to ad function, ad content, and customer database. We hope to ease the chaos creatives deal with, as well, since it can be a pain to build so many different units. Our software manages the production of the hundreds of units typically required to cover a few segments, a few sizes, and a few stages of the purchase decision in a few A/B tests.

We offer this platform to our clients as part of smart A/B digital testing and digital campaign management. The public relations agency side of our business and content experts are also looking carefully at learnings to build out pitches based on headlines and images that resonate with a brand’s target. 

Our goal in using this platform at Reilly Connect is to apply insights from technology across multi-channel platforms. We offer a Digital Literacy Boot Camp to help teams better understand how to unleash the power of digital.

If your client is unhappy with digital ad performance, you could think in Henny Youngman-style and respond, “Pay the bill before you leave.” We, on the other hand, prefer to team up with our digital shrink, Sam Karow, to help teams optimize their digital budgets.


Personal Note: As a shy, young girl, while some were reading Seventeen Magazine, I was reading Henny Youngman’s book, “Bar Bets, Bar Jokes, Bar Tricks.” I credit it with helping me break out of my typical wallflower role at parties. Sometimes, I cleared the room. Other times, people circled around. Every time, I had a good laugh—even if no one joined me. One of the highlights of my life was when my late father brought me to a live Henny Youngman performance. I got to meet him backstage and made him laugh—a memory that I count as one of my life’s greatest moments. We can’t forget the greats, and Henny was one of them.