Beauty Brands: Increase Your Allure—6 Reasons to Add an Influencer Plan to Your Marketing Palette

By Susan Reilly

The business of marketing beauty products is complex. Beauty and grooming marketers are constantly challenged to move away from unattainable beauty in campaigns, yet we still must deliver aspirational creative that “sells”. The shift to a “real world” interpretation of a brand experience is taking a more prominent role in the smart brand marketer’s make up bag.

Marketers are increasingly seeing success through execution of flawless influencer plans that tap people who are held in high esteem to tell their own story about their brand experience through beautiful palettes of content that can be developed with efficiency and distributed at scale.   

Beauty influencers like “lisa a la mode” who ‘loves lipstick and heels sprinkled with a dash of wit’ touts 820,000 followers. She has fiercely loyal fans who love to openly share her content and converse about their beauty challenges and secrets. Lisa has been called a “lifesaver” when it comes to her beauty tips. Reaping the benefits of aligning your brand with someone who has beauty tips that are thought of as lifesavers is as wonderful as a painless Brazilian bikini waxing – and probably more achievable.  

Here are 6 genuine benefits of an influencer marketing plan:

  1. ROI is Multi-Dimensional: Advertising has a limited shelf life. Digital content has a long life span and continues to generate impressions and engagement over time. It also supports your SEO efforts through brand mentions, referral traffic, and links back to your site. And best of all, shares and comments serve as additional brand endorsements.
  2. Fuels Creativity: We’ve seen some very “campaignable” ideas come out of beauty and grooming blogs. Influencers look hard at your product, try it and then often bring a fun spin to what they experienced. These ideas can be parlayed into an experiential event or spur creative for a broader campaign. Kicking It with Kelly, for example, confesses that she has a “love-hate relationship with her feet” and isn’t shy about talking about it. Nor are her 64,000 followers and that’s a lot of fun discussion about our sometimes not so darling dogs.
  3. Entertains Target Audience: Good content can and should entertain to achieve higher engagement levels. While dry skin, for example, is no laughing matter during bikini season, showing how a great skin cream helped  transition a blogger’s fashion from burlap sack to bikini in a video or photos can be a sweet and honest way to convey how the product ultimately made you feel – and that is more confident! And, as beauty experts, we know what we are really selling is confidence.
  4. Showcases Products: Like luscious make up, beauty bloggers can enhance your brand’s best features. Many convey their voice through original photography and videos which are easily integrated into their posts. For example, a blogger might build her own creative set up shots themed around a major upcoming event like a wedding, or a holiday like Mother’s Day.
  5. Offers Messaging Insights: As influencer marketing experts, we conjure up content ideas to give brand discussions a fresh look while offering fodder for beauty and grooming bloggers to build their content. Brands can develop multiple storylines and through the robust analytics the TapInfluence platform offers, we can evaluate messaging based on predetermined key performance indicators, such as number of shares and comments, offering insights into which messages resonate most with a brand’s target audience and boosted engagement.
  6. Boosts Promotions: Let’s say you are having a Spring promotion with heavy couponing. An influencer strategy enables bloggers to easily integrate coupons and sampling offers as well as URLs into their blog content on where to buy your product. And research is showing that influencer content has a 3x to 10x higher rate of conversion when compared to traditional digital media.  

In the words of the brand evangelist Guy Kawasaki, “Brands are built on what people are saying about you, not what you are saying about yourself. People say good things about you when (a) you have a good product, and (b) you get people to spread the word about it.”

A comprehensive influencer marketing plan using the best technology streamlines tapping the most talented content creators who can tell your brand story in their own words. Creative teams can work with them to distribute, manage, and measure their content in one place against defined deadlines.

For brands playing in the beauty, grooming, and skin care sectors where competition is stiff and just a few brands dominate capturing a majority of the share of voice through paid media, influencer marketing offers an end-to-end workflow and efficiency, which in itself, is a beautiful thing.